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Stock Take Tracker

This custom solution was developed to help our client during a stock count. Our clients manufacturing plant would shut down for up to 3 days due to their ERP systems lack of stock tracking capabilities.

The solution we created compared their ERP stock data with the scanners. An online reporting system allowed the managers to view live reports on the following :

  1. Count Progress - Items counted, time to completion.
  2. Duplicate Counts.
  3. False Counts.
  4. Identify Missing high cost items.
  5. Individual counter performance. i.e. Counters with the least number of errors, most items counted per individual etc...

The system enabled our client to continue production during the stock take as well as minimizing stock write-downs. 

  • Skills/Tools Used - SQL, C# , vb.net, Ajax, ado.net, asp.net, Java, Dos Scripting.