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Data Replication

The custom solution we developed for our client enabled their sub-offices to access and update information while working in remote locations with intermittent internet access. Using SQL Data Replication data was synchronized to a data center. The data was then replicated to the sub offices using a custom developed windows application. An online application allowed administrators to generate reports, push modifications and edit submitted data.  


  1. Data was synchronized from Head-office to a Data center.
  2. SQL replication managed the merging of data from the data center to the various sub-offices.
  3. A windows application allowed the sub-offices to view, edit and synchronize the data.
  4. The internet application enabled head-office to view and edit submitted data as well as push updates to their sub-offices.

  • Skills/Tools Used - SQL Replication, C# , VB.net, TSQL, Ajax, ADO.net, ASP.net, Java, DOS Scripting.